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Brave Legacy Newsletter #1

It’s been a long time since Brave Legacy Games has had an update, but today, we have exciting news to share. After years of working in the shadows, Tom Vandergriff and I have joined forces to publish our first joint project: Uncantations.

A pair of opposed castles flank either side of a golden sigil logo, which reads: Uncantations: Aqua, Ignus, Ventus. Above and below the title are sets of magical symbols for water, fire, and air.

Uncantations: Aqua, Ignus, Ventus is a team-based competitive puzzle-solving battle game where players take the role of spellcasters attempting to dismantle the other side’s complex incantation by deciphering its pattern. It is a card game that takes between 20 to 45 minutes for between two and six players. It is fast-paced and highly social, requiring constant communication with your team to discern the most effective strategy for picking apart the opposition’s spell. With beautiful art and intuitive design, Uncantations is appealing to anyone, from seasoned card game veterans to complete beginners.

A display of a sample game of Uncantations.

We are currently in beta testing for the game, and we are excited to be testing with folks at local venues in the Kentuckiana area. The lovely folks at Games on Tap: Louisville have been supportive of our testing at several of their gatherings, and we look forward to bringing our prototype to their various locations in the coming weeks. 


Exciting News!

Furthermore, we are excited to announce that we will be meeting at Golden Keep Game Co. on Tuesday, July 16th from 5 to 8 PM to test the game with anyone who is inclined to join. Come grab a seat for free and try out an unreleased game before anyone else!

Golden Keep Gaming Co. Logo

The game’s design is nearly finalized, and we’ll soon begin our preparations to crowdfund Uncantations. If you are interested in supporting us when the time comes, please follow us and subscribe to our email newsletter below! We’ll be informing our followers of opportunities to try out the game, and we’ll need as much help as we can to spread word about the project all over the country.

I look forward to sharing our wonderful gaming experiences with you in the coming days. Thanks and Best,

Colin Hanna

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