Games are microcosms of life. Every game endeavors to simulate an experience, or a piece of reality to which its players can relate. Whether it be a competition to dominate the world or a shared challenge in saving it, or even something as small as caring for one's backyard garden, it creates a feeling and a memory. And when the game ends, the shared memories of those who enjoyed it create a story. 

At Brave Legacy, we believe that this wonderful form of literature - a story crafted mutually by those who set out to experience it - is one which enriches all who partake of it. We want to bravely create games where players come away thinking and talking about what they did, what they were proud of, and what made them feel a sense of accomplishment, charm, or wonder. But even more: we want them to hoist sails, make deals, build power plants, travel between worlds, and even become gods. Because in this beautiful medium, we write the story together.

So how will the world remember your story?

  • A pair of opposed castles flank either side of a golden sigil logo, which reads: Uncantations: Aqua, Ignus, Ventus. Above and below the title are sets of magical symbols for water, fire, and air.


    Stop their spell before they can stop yours! Uncantations is a team-based competitive puzzle solving game for 2-8 players, where teams attempt to solve the sequence of their opponents’ spell before their own is discovered.

  • Apotheosis

    A strategy game for 2-4 players, who take the role of spirits attempting to ascend to mythical godhood. Build the world together, fill it with people, and fight across centuries to have them worship you over your opponents.