The enemy sorcerers stand arrayed against you across the chasm. They begin to chant, and you realize they are incanting a spell to cast at you! You immediately prepare your own spell in retaliation, but if you can discover the sequence of the elements in theirs, you can undermine it before they can complete it. But surely they have realized this as well; stop their spell before they can stop yours!

Uncantations is a game of team-based puzzle solving for 2-8 players, where teams attempt to solve the puzzle of their opponents’ spell before their own can be solved. But it may not be enough to simply solve it first - preparing the best response can be more effective than being hasty and sloppy. Play element cards on the board to try and match the sequence of their spell, earning points for correct matches and gaining more and more knowledge about their spell. Play special cards to draw additional cards, to manipulate the board, and to steal from your opponents' hands. Use your wits to deduce the pattern and end their spell!


Uncantations is a competitive game where communication with your teammates is key. Games average 30 minutes, with around 10 minutes needed to learn (five if your group plays a lot of card games). It is simple enough that anyone can learn and enjoy it, but deep enough that skilled players will enjoy optimizing their strategies game after game.